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Between the commas:Life's Metaphor
“Let us all take a moment to pause and reflect on the ways of the comma. This lovely punctuation mark can teach us all how to live…” With these words, I began my first column (in 2009), which I called “Life’s metaphor” for the Blue Valley Northwest High School newspaper, The Express.

My idea for this column came from the fact that commas indicate pauses. The column discusses how the ways commas are misused in society are metaphors for how people live their lives: with too many or too few pauses. After examples of the consequences of both, I conclude that the best way to live is to find a balance of commas that works and uses them in the right places.

So, I decided to name this blog “Between the commas” because the posts on here are about the things that happen during that exciting time between the pauses in life – the time when the real living occurs. Or, grammatically, during that exciting time between the commas – the time when the sentences are given life through words. I use this blog to document the important events in my life as well as my thoughts on the significance of day-to-day happenings in life.

Allison in Venice, July 2012

More about me:
I am a University of Kansas journalism and Italian graduate. I’ve known I want to be a journalist since I was in eighth grade. Every morning before school, my mom would turn on NBC’s Today during breakfast, and I realized I would love to have a life that consists of telling people’s stories, helping people better understand the world and doing good. Now, I am a television news producer.

On a whim during KU orientation, I decided to study Italian, and somehow, I ended up spending the July of the summer after my freshman year studying abroad in Florence, Italy (an experience that I documented in a series of blog posts). They say experiences like that will change your life, and I’d say that’s accurate. I’m pursuing a major in Italian because it is something I enjoy, and I think it is important to spend each day doing things we enjoy.

Since starting college, I have spent time living in Italy, traveled through Israel, entered my 20s, contemplated my future and evolved in my values. Luckily, all these experiences and thoughts have been documented on this very blog. So, sit back, start scrolling and learn all about me, between the commas.

Contact me:
Twitter: @abhammond128

My websites:
This blog, at
Journalism portfolio, at

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