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Plans for the year 5775

September 21, 2014

I’ve lost track of the last time I went to services. I think the last time Hebrew slipped from my mouth was Passover. I work on Shabbat every week. But Rosh Hashanah – the Jewish new year – begins on Wednesday, so I’m taking some time this week to reflect on the year and contemplate the one ahead.

Year 5774 was absolutely a year of growth. I learned more about journalism and the career I want from it. I started feeling more excited stomach-churning than nervous stomach-churning at the thought of graduation being so imminent. I did some highway driving in more states, and everyone survived, even the little adventure in which I drove away with the gas pump still in the car. I even started cooking! (rice).

Looking ahead, I’m not quite sure what’ll happen in 5775. I’m not sure where I’ll be on the cusp of 5776. But I have some ideas.

Intentions for the (Jewish) year 5775:

  1. Figure out how to commit myself to the task at hand (without being preoccupied with the next task).
  2. Stop eating Twizzlers for breakfast (or any meal).
  3. Never stop eating popcorn for dinner (or any meal).
  4. Expand my Mass. St. dinner choices beyond Noodles and Company (anywhere else have pasta fresca with parmesan cheese??).
  5. Get a car (I guess).
  6. Find the time to devote to working on Italian (besides just completing assignments.)
  7. On that note, go back to Italy (yes, before next September!)
  8. Don’t do anything badly just because it’s passable (or acceptable).
  9. Purge the people, things and activities that no longer fit in my life (or that just suck).
  10. Become the best-darned news producer the KU School of Journalism has ever seen (but stop falling asleep to images of ENPS in my brain).
  11. See another KU volleyball Sweet 16 berth in Allen Fieldhouse (I’ll live up to my end of the bargain if you end up to yours, Jayhawks).
  12. Tighter scripts, smarter writing, elimination of say-nothing phrases (what does “speak out” even mean?)
  13. Remember the most important things in life are the people in it, doing good, appreciating the moment and really living (everything else is olive oil).
  14. Don’t let the generally suckish people get me down (and don’t join them)!

L’Shanah tovah u’metukah! To a good and sweet new year!


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