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Watch The Breakdown from Sept. 27

September 28, 2013

Watch The Breakdown from Sept. 27.

The editing bayYesterday, Eric, Caitlin and I launched our first live episode of The Breakdown! You can watch it from the link above. I am interested in your thoughts and constructive comments, so please let me know. In this week’s episode, Caitlin and Eric discuss the controversy surrounding University of Kansas journalism professor David Guth’s recent Tweet, President Obama’s visit to the Kansas City-area last week and the latest political headlines.

We enjoyed putting this show together. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it because we are filling a void for University of Kansas students. There had been no broadcast news medium dedicated to political affairs at KU, and now there is, thanks to The Breakdown.

I recently decided to look at every opportunity that comes up in my life with the view: Will this help me in my quest to do good for the world? For The Breakdown, the answer is yes because it helps my fellow students become better and better-informed citizens. Promoting civic engagement is something I find important.

Also, for this week’s episode, my main role was to put together the pre-taped package about President Obama’s visit. Here is the finished product:


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