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Great expectations: chocolate truffle-filled vs. bird food-topped cookies

August 31, 2013

E's welcome signI walked into E’s for the first time this year with high expectations. It was renovated over the summer, and staff claimed that meant more options and a better dining experience. These are the same people who gave me the wonders of chocolate truffle-filled cookies and the horrors of cracker-cookies that seemed to be topped with bird food at the end of last semester, so I knew this could either mean a grand improvement or a major letdown.

E's seatingFortunately for my taste buds, eyes and general well-being, the dining hall has greatly improved. Walking in, diners are met with images of Jayhawk Nation, and a paint job gives the hall a warmer aura. Entering the food stations area is like entering a mall food court, with more choices and (thankfully) self-service options. The seating areas have a more open appearance, so everyone can look toward the wall of windows and see the buildings that make up the University of Kansas.

E's buffetI like the new E’s, but it does have its, well, less favorable qualities. I’m pretty sure it’s darker, and somehow, there’s less space when walking around hunting for the meal’s best food option and maneuvering between tables and chairs. It also seems to be twice as crowded (not as shown in my pictures), which makes for some awkward run-ins (literally) and what I’ll call chair-ins (or chair duels or chair battles).

Also E's buffetMy only other real complaint (after only a week, mind you) has to do with the salad station. The way this area was built confuses me. Each part of the buffet has salad items and then about two or so feet above that is a sheet of glass. This makes it so when I try to get a topping in the back of the buffet, I either have to place my chin on the glass and grope for goldfish or crunch under the glass and scoop up goldfish. I honestly don’t know which is better (or less awkward); I just need to grow a couple of inches. Luckily, I much prefer to be a carnivore.

One of the main additions this year is a BBQ station – best decision ever. I could probably eat there every night (especially because it’s really the only time of day I could get fresh protein, as I have only visited my favorite campus dining establishment once per day so far). It’s been good BBQ so far, so I’m proud of E’s for that.

I’m also proud of E’s for two other important reasons. 1) The scones are still delectable, and they had them the first weekend. Good decision! The only issue is they put fewer scones out at a time, which makes “acquiring” them difficult. Oh well. Also, E’s makes chocolate chip pancakes now, so that’s fantastic. 2) Still breaking out the paper products. This week, they had paper products and strawberries on the same day, which made certain aspects of life quite easy.

Final impression: nice work, E’s, now just please keep the bird food outside.


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