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E’s is my Chubby’s

April 21, 2013

I spent six hours at E’s yesterday. If your reaction to that is anything like one of my friend’s, close your mouth. I was simply maximizing the utilization of a guest pass (used it for lunch, stayed to do homework, remained for dinner). But sitting in that building for six hours straight made me realize something:

E’s actually means something to me.

This summer, E’s will be undergoing great changes. The entrance will change. The meals will change. The seating will change. The layout will change. E’s as we have known it (and loved it?) will cease to exist.

On Boy Meets World, Cory Matthews freaked out when his favorite restaurant, Chubby’s, became something he could no longer recognize. It was just a restaurant, but that restaurant meant a great deal to Cory, and lots of life events happened in his favorite booth. His whole life was about to change, but he still had all his favorite people by his side to keep him sane.

Now, at the risk of getting too nostalgic, I realize that E’s has meant something to me like Chubby’s meant something to Cory. It’s where I became close to some of my best friends. It’s where I met my roommates. It’s where I was first caught in an act of rebellion. It’s where I complained about my rut and where I began to feel rejuvenated. It’s where I took food to give away to people I care about.

Now, let’s be real: E’s is not my favorite place at KU. However, it has been important to me these past two years. I may complain about it and complain about the food and complain about the options and complain about the stupid stealing rule, but without E’s, my freshman year would have actually been very different.

I won’t be leaving E’s behind next year. That’s right, I’m getting another meal plan, so there will be plenty of opportunities to take a cookie or an entire German chocolate cake. But it won’t be the same. Just as E’s is changing this summer, just as Chubby’s changed, my life will change this summer, as Cory’s did years ago.

But here’s the thing. Even though Cory Matthews’ favorite place in the world (not a perfect metaphor) altered completely as other things in his life changed dramatically, the things that were important to him remained constant. I’m nervous about how different next year will be because these two years have gone quite well, for the most part, and I’m happy with my life right now. E’s will change, and other important things in my life will change. That’s the natural way of the world. But as Cory believed, things always work out the way they are supposed to. And all of the things I am stressed or worried about currently will work out. And I will make new memories in the new E’s.


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