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Stranded at the dining hall: a fictitious tale

February 25, 2013

Once upon a time, on a cold winter evening in February, winter storm Rocky began to creep toward Lawrence. Just days after winter storm Q dumped inches of snow on the town, Rocky moved closer, determined to unleash his own wrath upon the land. In the afternoon hours, Rocky’s radar sprinkled on Lawrence, with large snowflakes clutching students’ hats and coats after class. The snow started and stopped multiple times, but it was only the beginning of the snowpocalypse.

The dinner hour arrived, and the snow stopped falling. Our two heroes decided to venture to the dining hall in a quest for food and rations before the worst of the storm. They took their Tupperware, Ziploc bags, backpacks and coats with inside pockets and carefully stepped over the ice patches to reach the dining hall. They entered. The dining hall offered them a selection of breaded Mac & Cheese, double-layered cake, strawberries and curly fries… Not much of a selection, but still something worth bringing back to the dorms.

So the heroes sat down to dinner and started in on the Mac & Cheese. It tasted a little fuzzy, but no surprise there… It’s campus dining. The students looked out the window, and oh, what a sight! Normally, they could see the outline of campus in the distance, but not tonight. Tonight, they saw nothing; nothing but white!

The heroes finished dinner and prepared to leave, but they were met with a surprise that they did not want to see. The snow had come down so much in the past half hour that it blockaded the exit doors! The whiteout conditions forced the students to remain in the dining hall. No one has time for that.

So the two heroes remained in the dining hall. Hours passed by. Rocky continued to bear down on Lawrence. Conditions worsened. The hour to sleep arrived, and the students didn’t know what to do. They started to claim booths to use as mattresses and took dozens of cups full of the delightful orange guava passionfruit juice back to the table before others drained the machine. The booths, tables and floors of the dining hall were littered with students as Rocky dumped all the snow and all the ice and all the misery upon them.

Morning arrived, and the dining hall workers began to unfreeze the food for breakfast. The two heroes remembered it was to be chocolate chip muffin day and ran to the bread station. But alas, no muffins were to be found! The sign said “muffins,” and they knew something was not right. Someone already took all the muffins; oh, what a fright! Someone – someone else, not our heroes – was hoarding all the muffins! So not okay.

And to make matters worse, the 7 o’clock hour was approaching. That meant the “Today” show was to begin, and the two heroes, of course, had to watch it. It was a snow day – tradition. Can’t mess with tradition. A new plate of muffins went out for the group, and suddenly, the lights went out. The power was gone. That meant no “Today” show, and that just would not do.

So our two heroes felt their way to the muffins. They grabbed a dozen – each – and put them in the bag. Luckily, the power outage was a blessing, for the managers could not see the thievery occurring right in front of them. The two heroes knew they had just one choice: return to the residence hall, or risk missing the opening minutes of “Today.”

So they put on their vests and their coats and their gloves. They pulled on their wool caps and zipped up their bags. They took the muffin pans with them – they would be of use. They willed the exit doors open because this time, they had a stronger desire to return to the residence hall: the desire to watch the “Today” show. They pushed open the door with all of their might and began the walk back to the residence hall.

They used the muffin pans to block snow from their eyes because of course, they had to walk against the snow and wind on their way back home. They struggled and fell and held each other up, but eventually, they reached the doors to the residence hall. They shoveled snow out of the way with their muffin pans, swiped their IDs and ran up the stairs. It was 6:59 a.m. They turned on the television. The theme music began to play. Happiness ensued. Disaster averted.


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