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“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”

February 23, 2013

I love forming connections with people. I get addicted to television shows because I connect to the characters. I can’t put a book down because I connect to the hero. I enjoy history because I connect to the historical figures. I am pursuing journalism because I want to share stories and allow others to connect with the people in those stories. But my favorite connection? Friendship. (Yeah, I’m cheesy. You can stop reading now).

In the past week, I have been able to spend time with older friends and create bonds with newer ones, and it’s been splendid. One of my friends made the comment that she’s so glad she likes her friends; she doesn’t understand why people are sometimes friends with people they don’t like, and she is glad she doesn’t have that problem and enjoys hanging out with us. I would have to agree.

Here’s how I see it, and my apologies if it’s too cliché: I value my friendships, and I try to make that known because I think a person deserves that. Some people say I’m a guarded person in that I don’t really share things about myself. I think that’s false. When I enjoy someone’s company, I put forth the effort to spend more time with that person or talk with that person. And when I get the sense that the other person feels that way too, I’m like an open book. I may not bring up topics outright, but I will tell you anything you want to know about me and answer pretty much any question. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve known each other; I just have to know you actually care.

As I’ve said before, I have always cared more about the quality of my friendships than the quantity of them. When I’m friends with someone, I like to move beyond the surface-level conversations. I like deep chats. I like to hear people’s life stories and understand what makes them so. I still have bonds with some people from before college, but mostly, my closest friendships are less than two years old, so we haven’t seen each other through every moment of our lives. But the strength of friendships is not measured in the number of years; it’s measured in knowing that these people will be there for you when you need a ride back from the Hillel or when you want to tell them you’re going to Israel. It’s not measured by how much time you spend together or how legendary your outings are; it’s measured in knowing they have your back, and it’s measured in knowing that you can talk to them about whatever you want to talk to them about without judgment. Teasing… but not judgment.

Now that I’ve been at KU for three semesters and have been involved with various activities during my time here, I have formed friendships with people in various aspects of my life. Sometimes it’s difficult to balance those friendships with the reality that is a busy life. However, I pride myself on my persistence; I don’t let go of people that easily in that I try to find a way to keep in touch, even if a thousand miles separate us. At the same time, if I’m the person putting forth all the effort, and I’m pretty lenient in that too at times, there will come a point when I will stop exerting that effort, and I will let go. But it doesn’t happen easily, and I would much rather maintain the connection.

So the moral of this blog post? They say a person is nothing without his/her friends. Perhaps that’s slightly drastic, but at the same time, classes, activities, work, homework, home life and dorm life are all made better by having those connections. And when those connections can go beyond the surface, well, my friend, then I think that is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


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