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Israel day three: all the rainbows

January 20, 2013

Water turned out to be the “theme” of Wednesday, with rain again altering our itinerary. However, it turned out to be an informative and surreal day nonetheless.

Our first stop was a water plant facility that is responsible for 75 percent of Israel’s water. As we drove to our next stop, we took in excellent scenery. The Golan Heights and Sea of Galilee made for a beautiful bus ride. It is pretty incredible to think I stood in and explored places prominent figures who lived thousands of years ago and created the current Western world stood in and explored.

Next, we went to an electrical plant facility, which had a cool presentation, but my favorite part of that venture was standing by the Jordan River. The Jordan River is the border between Israel and Jordan; mines are installed at the border, and a soldier stood in Jordan watching over us to make sure we did not cross.  The countries looked the same; both had breath-taking landscapes. Yet, they are so different.

We then had a night out to find dinner in the holy city of Tiberias. I ordered what ended up being some type of mystery meat that tasted, to me, like meatloaf. Four girls ordered fish and received the shock of their lives when an entire fish, eyeball and fins and all, was placed in front of them. They were absolutely disgusted, and the waiter couldn’t understand the problem. He ended up cutting up the fish for them, though they still wouldn’t eat it because they could not erase that image from their minds.

Rainbow in Israel / JordanTo conclude the theme of water, throughout the day on our drives to the various locations and as we stood on the border of Jordan, we saw magnificent rainbows. Amazing, colorful beauty even in what is probably one of the most conflicted regions in the world.


Disclaimer: My birthright trip to Israel was absolutely incredible, beyond words. However, on this blog, I am trying to use words to describe how absolutely incredible it was. I explain what we did each day and attempt to describe the indescribable: how I felt as I traveled around the Holy Land of Israel. It’s difficult to describe some things because it was a very personal experience, but I’ll do my best. In addition, some things are just too deep or personal to comment on in a blog, but if you would like to discuss or go deeper on anything, feel free to contact me. I would love to talk about it.

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