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Israel day nine: a day of adventure

January 20, 2013

Our next-to-last day in the Holy Land called for some epic adventures. We began with camel rides in the desert. As I sat there, on the back of a camel, back aching but enjoying the different mode of transportation, I could not comprehend how camels were used as the primary mode of transportation… ever! They’re just so slow! But it was legit.

Camel  Allison with camel

Next, we climbed up Masada, which is about 1,300 feet high at its highest peak. After climbing up and taking the 700-step journey down, I was pretty proud of myself. It was the first time I’d ever hiked a mountain, and I’d say doing it in Israel made the experience even more meaningful.

Masada  On top of Masada

This was followed by an excursion at the Dead Sea, where, yes, I floated in the lowest place on earth. It was relaxing after getting all gross and sweaty on Masada. And I took two crystalized pieces of salt back to the States with me.


Having the opportunity to do these three things – and do them all in one day! – was incredible. The trip is mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting (it feels like 10 months rather than 10 days but goes by in a flash), and this one day is a perfect example of that.

After our day of adventure, we traveled to Tel Aviv, where we would spend our final day in Israel. I could not believe the experience was coming to a close, and honestly, I wasn’t ready to go back to the reality of school and things like that. I felt like I had changed in the nine days I had been in Israel; I had done things I had dreamed of doing, felt things I had yearned to feel and learned more about my history and my roots. It was an experience I was excited to share with people back home but also nervous to share. This trip wasn’t a vacation; it was a journey, a pilgrimage, that would be hard for anyone who was not there with me to understand. It was a personal journey that changed me in ways I’m still reflecting on and cannot even yet explain. It brought me moments of clarity and realization, and it introduced me to people and experiences that changed my life in such a short time frame. While day nine may have been the most adventurous in terms of going out and being physically active, the entire experience was an adventure that led me to new horizons – literally.

Disclaimer: My birthright trip to Israel was absolutely incredible, beyond words. However, on this blog, I am trying to use words to describe how absolutely incredible it was. I explain what we did each day and attempt to describe the indescribable: how I felt as I traveled around the Holy Land of Israel. It’s difficult to describe some things because it was a very personal experience, but I’ll do my best. In addition, some things are just too deep or personal to comment on in a blog, but if you would like to discuss or go deeper on anything, feel free to contact me. I would love to talk about it.

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