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Reflecting on the election, non-politically

November 7, 2012

It’s November 7 – the day after America’s Choice, Election Day, Decision 2012. After paying attention to this presidential election for more than a year – really since Michele Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll in August 2011 – I cannot believe it’s finally over. The people have spoken, and while our political system may not be perfect, voices were heard last night, just as the Founding Fathers intended them to be.

I watched the results come in and the states get called at the Dole Institute of Politics, of course. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. While I’ll certainly remember this election for other reasons (I mean, I am covering it for my journalism class), when I look back on my Decision 2012 experience, I will remember that I was in a place I love surrounded by people like me – who care about this country and what happens to it – when the race was called. While we may differ in party alignment, we all just want to see our country thrive.

I also dragged my friend Mili to the Dole Institute yesterday evening. If you read my latest original report on Jayhawks Decide (also found on Political Fiber), you’ll learn that Mili is a permanent resident who plans to apply to gain U.S. citizenship next spring. So, she can’t vote yet, so it was and is interesting to hear her perspective on voting, the election and politics. She was definitely a good person to watch this Election Day coverage with, even if we do have different political views.

Not that I’m already counting down to 2016 or anything, but I’m already excited for the next presidential election. One of my roommates brought up a good point – in 2016, I’ll be a college graduate, and if things go according to my current desires, I will be in the journalism field at that point. Watching this election coverage has solidified my desire to cover a political campaign – not as my whole career but as part of it. Covering a campaign puts you in the midst of history being made. It awes me to realize that four years from now, I could conceivably cover campaigns or help a candidate campaign (depending on various things).

I was a high school sophomore four years ago, and I remember making a ballot explainer for my high school newspaper. It was my little contribution to covering the 2008 race. For 2012, of course, I have Jayhawks Decide. Who knows where I’ll be in 2016, but I’m excited.

But the 2012 political excitement doesn’t stop with last night. On Monday, Lilly ¬†Ledbetter, the namesake of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, is speaking at KU, and on Wednesday, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is coming. Not to mention, the Dole Institute has its last study group of the semester on Wednesday. Yes, yes, I plan to attend all three things. It’s a journalist thing.


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