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Dedicating this post to the yellow M&M

October 16, 2012

Perfect representation of our roommateship

She may not like my sharing this, but I’m going to tell you the story of how I met my current roommate. The very first Sunday of freshman year, people from my floor went to brunch at Mrs. E’s together. I sat near – and met for the first time – this girl named Emily and learned we just happened to have the same 8 a.m. Italian 110 class. So, Emily, Marie and I made plans to meet in our lobby at a specific time and walk to our first classes together, for we all had class in the same building. Monday morning rolls around, and Marie and I are waiting for Emily in the lobby. Long story short, Emily and I did not walk into Italian that first day together. We didn’t sit by each other the first week. I don’t know how long it took us to become actual friends, but eventually, we went to a hip-hop performance together, and the rest is history.

I figured it was about time I dedicate a post to my roommate, my friend, a person from my floor, my partner in food-stealing crime: Emily. I’m going to drop some knowledge right here, right now. For those of you who don’t know, Emily and I didn’t plan to be roommates this year. We accidently chose the same room. In fact, the message I received with that nugget of knowledge was: “Oh no… I think we’re in the same room…” But I think it’s been working out. Here’s why:

I check my alarm clock at least five times before climbing into bed each night. She accepts that.

She once handed me a very large stack of pictures from her Disney World vacation. I looked through every single one.

I yell at the computer while listening to away volleyball matches. She “happens” to have other places to be at those times.

She cracks herself up so much that she starts crying. I laugh along with her. With her.

We once got off at the wrong bus stop on our way to Wal-Mart. And we once rode the bus for an hour trying to get home. Definitely not on purpose.

We have a wall dedicated to our awkwardness. Doesn’t get much more roommate harmonious than that.


Throughout the week, Emily and I don’t see each other a great deal, except at night. That makes for great pre-sleep conversations – conversations that make us laugh, cry and get perhaps a little less sleep than we initially wanted. We peel the onion, and I wouldn’t trade those nightly chats for anything.

This year has been different in many respects, so I don’t know what I would do without Emily as my roommate. She understands completely my stresses and worries and complaints, and we have each other’s backs (She looks out for me when I steal pizza in a cup). It is great to return to Templin after a butt-kicking test or just a long day and have that support system there, just waiting to hear the venting or about the awkward moment of the day. That goes for all three of the girls I live with.

OK, so the title of this post. The other night, Emily made the comment that she was like the yellow M&M, and I’m like the red M&M. I mean, it’s an interesting comparison, and I’ll take it. The red one is full of chocolate; I do love chocolate. The yellow one is the peanut M&M; she’s nuts. It’s perfect. Just kidding!

So, I guess this is to say thank you, Emily, for not contacting housing and requesting a change. And about how we met? It’s an awkward story, so I’d say it was the perfect beginning of this great friendship.


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