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Residence Hall Life: a theory

October 10, 2012

I have a theory. This theory came to me yesterday after I returned to my residence hall, climbed up the stairs and walked straight to my room without stopping in the lobby. Let’s back up.

Last year, in Ellsworth, there would have been at least a handful of people in the lobby when I returned, and they would have known my name, and they would have asked me how my break had been. It was comforting to go from one family – my real, biological one – to another – the family of friends I had formed in a few short weeks.

When I returned to Templin yesterday, I did not receive the same welcome. Granted, it’s my own fault. I haven’t put forth the effort there to make my name known or even deserve a welcome. And so, I tried to figure out why – why I have yet to sit out in the lobby to do homework or build friendships with people on my floor besides my suitemates or put forth any effort whatsoever. This brings me to my theory:

Ellsworth’s lobby was so welcoming because it is painted reddish-orange. Templin’s lobby is less welcoming because it is painted blue.

Now, as much as I adore the color blue, I have to say the color is a little less inviting. Ellsworth’s lobby was warm and cozy, while Templin’s lobby just… isn’t. Now, of course I realize that it’s more than just the color of this residence hall lobby that has been deterring me from going out there, but I honestly believe it is a factor.

OK, so beyond my theory. Residence hall life take two is very different, and I knew it would be. I knew that when I returned this year, my lobby would not be filled with familiar faces of friends I care about dearly. I knew it would be filled with mostly freshmen, and I knew I would have to work to establish new relationships. I know it’s my own problem for not having put forth that effort, and anything I say about that would just be me rattling off excuses for why that’s the case. But I do find myself missing my lobby from last year; nothing could equate to that constant support system, even if I did put forth the effort here in Templin.

Residence hall life take two is not horrible, however. I have great suitemates, and the people on my floor are friendly. I’ve been told in the past that experiences are what you make of them, so if I want to turn this situation around, I have the power to do that. And on another note, residence hall life take two teaches me about putting forth effort with people who do not live on my floor. I was once told that sophomore year would be the test of my relationships – that this was the year I would learn who was meant to stay in my life from pre-August 2012 and who wasn’t. Of course, this would be true no matter where I lived this year, but still, it’s just something on my mind.

But anyway, I’m fairly certain my theory is legit. At least, that’s what I’m going with.


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