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As days go by…

October 9, 2012

Currently, I am sitting in my room in Overland Park listening to my brother study French in the next room (Not as creepy as it sounds). I started thinking about back in the day when I studied French and how it’s really quite a shame that I remember pretty much nothing from the language I studied for four years. I finished (gave up?) studying French in May 2011, so… a year and a half ago. Dang. I guess the fact that I haven’t looked at a French word for 17 months coupled with my constant study of the Italian language since then have resulted in my loss of the French language.

But this post isn’t about whether I regret giving up French (I do not) or about how content I am with my decision to study Italian instead (optimal). This isn’t even a post about foreign languages at all. This is a post about the passage of time, my woe at only having 24 hours in a day and my fear of not having enough of it.

To begin, I should probably say that I spent a few hours today in the past. You see, I’m getting ready to head back to KU after a few days at home for fall break, and when I find myself in my OP room, I start to have déjà vu (Hey, I do know French!) moments and think about the past few years of my life.

Things that consumed my thoughts:

    • I left for Italy only a little over three months ago.
    • I went to my first KU basketball game about 11 months ago.
    • I finished working for my high school newspaper almost 17 months ago.
    • I was a junior in high school – a year that really shaped me – three years ago.
    • My parents gave me a list of potential states we could move to five years ago.
    • I graduated elementary school eight years ago.

Now, obviously, that doesn’t really give you an accurate indication of my thoughts, so I’ll try to put it in better perspective. I was thinking about how much things have changed during the course of my life, as they do in any person’s life, and how fast those years have gone. I was thinking about all of the things I have been able to do in my first 20 years and how grateful I am for all of that. And I was thinking about how even though I feel like I’m stuck in a rut of constant schoolwork and the same routine, I’m being given opportunities every day that I need to seek out and act upon before I run out of that time.

Beyond the fact that I feel like 24 hours is just not enough to accomplish everything I’d like to do in the course of a single day (and just how many episodes of my favorite shows I want to watch; OK, kidding about that), I have the fear that if I remain in a rut or something of the sort for too long that I will lose track of time – that I’ll miss out on doing the things in my next several decades that have made my first two decades so incredible. Because there are a heck of a lot of amazing things I want to do.

So, it’s time. Time to forget about French, even though I have good memories of it (Well, OK, it’s a metaphor…), and focus on Italian. Time for some of that carpe diem and seizing the day jazz that the Romans spoke of so fondly.


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