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My heart is like a baseball… apparently

September 24, 2012

The baseballTonight, one of my suitemates informed me that I – more specifically, my heart – am like a baseball. Not just any baseball either, but that baseball, which has been through the ballpark a few times and has rips into its very core.

As I stood there listening to Olivia equate my heart to this baseball, the wheels started turning for this blog. I only blog when I’m inspired by something or have something I want to say (both of which apparently happen a lot), and that two-minute conversation drew me instantly to my computer (which is kind of unfortunate, considering I’m supposed to take a break from constant typing. Oh well).

The ball

Olivia said my heart is like the baseball because while I have a hard outer shell, my core is soft. The ripped places on the ball indicate where people have ripped into my very being and brought me out of my shell. It’s true. I’m pretty sarcastic, and for those who don’t know me well, I try not to show if things affect me. But once that shell has been cracked and the core pokes through – in other words, someone has broken through the wall and tried to get to know me – that person has me forever. And many things affect me or inspire me or make me think or what have you.

The bats

Olivia said the constant hitting of the ball by bats is what has caused it to begin to break. In that case, the baseball bats are like life itself and the people in it. It hits the ball in a thousand different directions; every swing impacts that ball in a way that alters it forever. While I maybe have not been through as much as that baseball has or to as many places or been impacted by as many people, I have been through things, been to places and been impacted by people that and who have changed me. And ripped me open to my core.

The pitcher

The pitcher getting ready to throw the baseball probably sweated on it because of nerves. That baseball has the remnants of perspiration all over it. Whether it was a third grader getting ready to pitch his first game or a college student closing out a no hitter, that baseball has felt nerves. My heart has certainly felt nerves, stress and adrenaline. It comes and goes, oozes and fades, and is made stronger because of that.

The field

That baseball, noticeably, has been all over that baseball field. It smells of dirt and sweat, and it looks like it needs a nice washing. It’s been through dusty fields and fresh-cut grass. My heart has experienced both sides of that. It’s come out with some bumps or dirt marks along the way, but it continues to return to the plate for another crack at success.

The hits

That baseball has probably been hit into right field. And left. It has probably gone to first base, second, third and home. It’s been a grounder, a pop fly and has made amazing plays. It’s gotten people out and has flown into the crowd. It’s been a homerun. Sometimes, it’s even been a grand slam. No matter where it lands on that field, that ball is affected. Whether it causes the player to win, or it causes the player to lose, it makes the attempt, and the game changes. And tomorrow, there will be yet another game for that baseball.


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