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A star is born… but really

September 20, 2012

Last week, I gave the student introduction at the Dole Institute of Politics. For every event, the Dole Institute staff asks a student on the Student Advisory Board to begin the program and introduce a member of the staff. This is my second semester on the Student Advisory Board, and I have been attending Dole Institute events for more than a year. It really was a privilege to be asked to do the student introduction last Wednesday, and what made it even better was the program was about what it would be like to have a female president. That is something that greatly interests me, and I was proud to be able to represent the Dole Institute Student Advisory Board last Wednesday. What’s even better is the event is supposed to be broadcasted on C-SPAN. So basically, I am now a star. The entire video of the event is as follows, but my introduction is within the first minute and thirty-six seconds. Enjoy!


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