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Being grateful: the umbrella category

September 18, 2012

There are some people in my life who have made a major impact on it, people I could never forget, but there are also others worth mentioning who did something that gives them a permanent place in my heart. This series of posts is about all of those people.

There’s a quote from one of Regis Philbin’s books that I really like: “If you are grateful to someone who has brought your life even a little joyfulness, and if you have the chance to tell them so – do it! It just takes a second, and you’ll never regret it.”

If I made all of this one post, it would go on for many, many scrolls of the mouse. So instead, I’m breaking it up into five sections: family, friends, teachers, groups of people and people who don’t know me.

Groups of people

My fourth and fifth grade class at Nuckols Farm Elementary School greatly shaped my young life. After two years together, they became my first family outside of my family. We cried on the final day of fifth grade because even though most of us were going to the same middle school, we knew it would never be the same. I’m having trouble articulating just how much of an impact this class had on me. Sure, it gave me friends I am still in touch with today. Sure, we had good times at field days, kickball tournaments, reading books, learning, and doing projects. I guess it’s just pretty unbelievable how close a group of fifth-graders could be in the sense that 10-year-olds recognized the importance of friendship to the degree that we were all there for each other, despite our differences and no matter what.

The Express, my high school newspaper, staff absolutely changed my life. I am forever grateful to the advisers and my fellow staff members for teaching me about journalism and life itself. We had some struggles making deadlines, worked through stressful nights and had our arguments about what should go in the paper, but in the end, we were a family. Senior year, we had lunch together every day in the newspaper room, just because we could. I am grateful to The Express for giving me a place at Blue Valley Northwest and for giving me a way to leave my mark on my school.

I will always be thankful for deciding to live on the sixth floor of Ellsworth freshman year because the people on that floor became like a family (I’m sensing a pattern…). After high school, I found myself hoping college would be my fresh start and my way to meet new people and build quality friendships that could last a lifetime. Because of E6, I achieved all of that. I don’t really talk to many people from high school anymore, but in one year, I became closer to some of the people on my floor than I ever was to most people in high school. I think part of that is because people are different in college than they were in high school, but I also think I was just lucky – we all were. We were lucky – and I am grateful – that the people on the floor were the people on the floor. To think, I almost didn’t pick Ellsworth.

The people I have met at the Dole Institute of Politics have given me a place I can go when I’m stressed out and need a break. As I’ve said before, Dole is my outlet, but it would not be a sanctuary without the good people who run the things in which I am involved. I am grateful to them for helping me find my place at KU during freshman year.

Finally, and most recently, I am eternally grateful for the people I met during my month studying abroad in Italy. I’ve written about them before, I know, but this post would not be complete without mentioning them. The study abroad program ended almost two months ago, but I still find myself reminiscing about Italy, looking at pictures or thinking of stories, regularly. I miss it; I do, but I know I’m lucky that way. Because I do miss it a good amount, I know I really enjoyed myself and had the best possible experience there. Part of that is because it was Italy and a month full of crossing items off my bucket list and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. The other part is the people I was with gave me memories I can look back on fondly. I’m quite grateful for that.


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