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Being grateful: influential teachers

September 11, 2012

There are some people in my life who have made a major impact on it, people I could never forget, but there are also others worth mentioning who did something that gives them a permanent place in my heart. This series of posts is about all of those people.

There’s a quote from one of Regis Philbin’s books that I really like: “If you are grateful to someone who has brought your life even a little joyfulness, and if you have the chance to tell them so – do it! It just takes a second, and you’ll never regret it.”

If I made all of this one post, it would go on for many, many scrolls of the mouse. So instead, I’m breaking it up into five sections: family, friends, teachers, groups of people and people who don’t know me.


To my fourth grade teacher, thank you for instilling in me a love for writing and literature. It changed my life. It has been my passion ever since and will always remain a significant part of my life. I remember the look on your face when I returned “Rifles for Watie” before the test because I had bought it the day before. That moment signifies your influence, but you must know you matter to me even more today.

To my elementary school librarian, thank you for continuing to inspire me every day. It was through you that I found my love of books. From birthday books in kindergarten to Book Bowl in fifth grade, you taught me so much about the power of a story, without ever realizing it. I will never forget you. Rest in peace.

To my eighth grade English teacher, thank you for giving me gratification that my writing mattered. Thank you for sitting me in the seat by the window where the sun shone in and next to my friend and for never changing our seats once. We may have given you much crap for the whole sun thing, but you must know: that made my year. And thank you for telling me to take journalism freshman year instead of waiting. That one statement set me on this path.

To my freshman year English teacher, thank you for teaching me about grammar and for making me content with moving and for making me look forward to school every day. I can sincerely say you are one of the best teachers I have ever had, and I know I’ve told you that.

To my journalism adviser, thank you for impacting the course of my high school experience, for teaching me about journalism, for teaching me about life and for making me a better person. I would not be the journalist or the person I am today without your guidance.

To my American history teacher, thank you for giving me a passion for American history, for making history seem like a story, for making me think about the world and for preparing me for the future.

To my calculus teacher, thank you for being sarcastic and witty. In a math class! The Amazing Calculus Race and Calculus Camp are by far my favorite memories from any math class. Ever.

Whoever has been a fan of “Boy Meets World” has yearned for a teacher like Mr. Feeny. He’s the epitome of a teacher who goes far beyond the ordinary classroom material; he teaches life lessons. I have been extremely lucky in my life, for I have had several teachers resembling Feeny’s ways. I can only begin to thank them.


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