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Being grateful: talking about family

September 10, 2012

I’m the type of person who thinks everyone who enters a person’s life has an impact on his or her life. In fact, when I ask people about their life stories, I always ask them about those life-changing people and who they are and what they meant. There are some people in my life who have made a major impact on it, people I could never forget, but there are also others worth mentioning who did something that gives them a permanent place in my heart. This series of posts is about all of those people.

There’s a quote from one of Regis Philbin’s books that I really like: “If you are grateful to someone who has brought your life even a little joyfulness, and if you have the chance to tell them so – do it! It just takes a second, and you’ll never regret it.” I know this technically doesn’t count; it only really counts if I walk up to someone and tell him or her straight up about the effect he or she had on my life. But I’m writing this anyway.

So, if I made all of this one post, it would go on for many, many scrolls of the mouse. So instead, I’m breaking it up into five posts: family, friends, teachers, groups of people and people who don’t know me.


Family is blood; it’s forever. I have a great family. To my mom and dad, thank you for supporting me, encouraging me to follow my dreams, taking Jacob and me to so many places, for giving me advice, for picking up the phone, for watching all my TV shows, for giving me the best childhood, for moving us to Kansas, and for helping make me the person I am today. And of course, for so many more things that I could not even begin to put into words. I realize it’s the first time I’m ever actually saying the words “Thank you for moving us to Kansas,” but I think deep down, I have felt that way for a long time. I mean, I don’t know where I would be if we had stayed in Virginia; I’m sure I would enjoy my life, be happy, be surrounded by great people and whatnot. But still, that can’t compare to this life, this feeling and these people. I’ve been able to go to many places, do many things and meet many amazing people because of the opportunities you have made available to me. And I don’t say thanks enough for that.

To Jacob, you’re my little brother. We fight and get frustrated with each other, but when one of us asks to play Harry Potter legos or foosball or watch “Big Brother” or “How I Met Your Mother,” we know everything is OK again. You’re starting to get to that age where big, important things are happening, and that scares me to think about because yes, you are my little brother. But I know you’re going to be a good person; I mean, you already are, but I’m saying I don’t need to worry about you. I always will, but it’s not necessary. Thank you for always being there to watch 236 episodes of “Friends” in four weeks with me. And for sitting through every episode of “Gilmore Girls” when I’m in that kind of mood.

To the rest of my family, my relatives on both sides, younger and older than I, thank you for caring about me. I don’t see any of my family members nearly enough, but I value my family members more than I could say. They give me advice, listen to my stories and want to see me do well. They have watched me grow up, and I don’t think they really know how much I appreciate them and the times I do get to see them.

To my family, thank you. I love you.


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