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Being grateful: focusing on friendship

September 10, 2012

There are some people in my life who have made a major impact on it, people I could never forget, but there are also others worth mentioning who did something that gives them a permanent place in my heart. This series of posts is about all of those people.

There’s a quote from one of Regis Philbin’s books that I really like: “If you are grateful to someone who has brought your life even a little joyfulness, and if you have the chance to tell them so – do it! It just takes a second, and you’ll never regret it.”

If I made all of this one post, it would go on for many, many scrolls of the mouse. So instead, I’m breaking it up into five sections: family, friends, teachers, groups of people and people who don’t know me.


To the friend with whom I shared more in a few weeks than I have with some people I have known for years, thank you for being so open. Thank you for keeping me awake to talk about things.

To my suitemates with whom I have lived for just a few weeks so far, thank you for accepting my awkwardness, my tendency to run to the television to watch the Today Show, my excitement about Jayhawk volleyball, etc.

To my friends who have a clock from Venice in their home, thank you for always being there when I need to laugh or smile. Thank you for showing up when I least expect it and making my days better.

To my roommate, thank you for being as awkward as I am. Thank you for telling me the absolute most random stories about your life and for indulging my wishes when I keep us awake for a few more minutes, just to talk about life. Thanks for being there for vent sessions and listening to my regular updates about Ann Curry.

To my friend who was my buddy in history and math classes in high school, thank you for being such a kind and genuine individual. Thank you for having a smile that radiates goodness.

To my oldest friend, thank you for continuing to be in my life. Thank you for always being someone I can turn to, no matter the subject matter or distance between us. Thank you for being my friend.

To my friend throughout religious school, thank you for being there for hours upon hours straight of Skype conversations during my first year in Kansas. You have no idea how much that meant.

To my friend who shares my desire to do good, thank you for sharing parts of your life story with me and for making me feel like I can share mine with you. Thank you for being someone who appreciates the moment and appreciates the art of a deeper conversation.

To my friend who always lets me stay with her when I visit the old home front, thank you for being someone I can always laugh with and take silly pictures with. Thank you for chatting with me about the most trivial things one minute and important things the next.

To my friend who always answered the door, no matter how much work she had to do, thank you for listening to my sighing in your doorway and for understanding whatever it is I was dealing with at that particular moment.

To my friend who receives a dinner invite practically every day, thank you for accepting those invitations. Thank you for not getting tired of eating with me and of hearing my awkward stories, and thank you for being open about your life as well.

To my friend who talks to me about the world, thank you for providing a different perspective on issues. Thank you for informing me about things and making me more intelligent.

To my friend and former roommate, thank you for being such an awesome person. Thank you for listening and providing signature advice, and thank you for letting me quote you when you say the darndest things.

To my friend who first heard my whole life story, thank you for being the person who showed me how great it is to let people in. Thank you for letting me in. Thank you for impacting my life in such a way and proving to me how deep a friendship can be.

To my friend who had a religious rebirth, thank you for opening my eyes to what religion and faith can mean and inspiring me to desire my own version of a rebirth.

To my friends, thank you for bringing my life joyfulness, excitement, clarity and love.


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