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Residence Hall Life: the dining hall

August 21, 2012

As the new student enters Mrs. E’s for the first time, he or she finds himself or herself overwhelmed by what seems like a plethora of good possibilities for their dining pleasure. To the left, one sees what can be considered the Italian section, consisting of the pizza of the meal and the pasta and sauce of the meal. Nothing is more appetizing than the glowing pizza or sticking the spoon into the pasta and having it all stick together.

Next, one comes across the salad bar, which is typical of what one may find in a grocery store. At a grocery store, they try to make the lettuce, cucumbers and other vegetables look delectable. Mrs. E’s does its own spin on that concept by providing (granted, this is only sometimes, not always) students with browning lettuce and icy peas.

The bread section is my personal favorite, and that is not sarcastic. For breakfast some days, Mrs. E’s offers scones or muffins, and those are actually quite delicious. The bummer days consist of dry lemon bread or strawberry bread with chunks of strawberry or marshmallow in it. At dinner, there is usually a nice assortment of rolls.

At the main dish section, Mrs. E’s alternates between really dry meat and interestingly spiced vegetable items. The chicken is usually decent, but then, they try to get fancy and put it in some sort of dish with mushrooms or rice or whatnot. I’m typically not a fan.

Next comes the specialties section, which often includes a form of Chinese food. I do enjoy my Chinese food as much as the next Jew (in the best way), so I usually eat whatever they put in front of me. Unfortunately, the servers can be quite skimpy on the servings of chicken or meat. While it’s not the best Chinese food, at least it’s an attempt, which I can appreciate. If not Chinese food, this section of the dining hall includes some sort of salad. I’m a fan of the chicken Caesar salad when they have it, but most anything else sounds like an attempt to get rid of the excess food in the refrigerator.

The grill section includes the usual items – hamburgers, the fries of the day, chicken sometimes, etc. It can be a fine option if nothing else works out, as long as the fries aren’t ranch sour cream or sweet potato. But maybe that’s just me. The hamburgers can be iffy too, but hopefully, all will go well if one chooses to eat it.

Finally, dessert. Mrs. E’s sometimes tries very hard with desserts, like when they celebrate birthdays once a month and break out the full sheet cakes. Love those days because the cakes taste legit. On holidays, Mrs. E’s pulls out all the stops. I would recommend the Thanksgiving meal with stuffing, turkey, pumpkin products and anything else you can think of. I would probably avoid the Mardi Gras celebration, unless you want to experiment with the multicolored food products. If so, more power to you.

Now, maybe all of this is just me. Maybe everyone else absolutely loves Mrs. E’s, or maybe everyone gets sick of it within the first few weeks. Either way, it’s been around for years and will continue to provide service with a smile to the residents on Daisy Hill.


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