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Welcome back to Lawrence, Allison

August 19, 2012

The second year is a heck of an adjustment. It’s day three, and that’s how I feel. Last year, I knew most of the people on my floor, and I became good friends with quite a few of them. I came back to school this year knowing people, and I’ve seen many of them already, which has been nice. I haven’t really been able to connect with the people on my new floor yet. Not necessarily because they’re freshman or because it’s only the first weekend, but because I’m still adjusting. They’re adjusting to the college life, and I’m adjusting to life on a new floor. It sounds lame, but it’s a heck of an adjustment. I knew going into this year that I wanted to get to know the people on my floor and maintain the friendships I built last year, but I didn’t really expect to feel so disoriented. I guess I didn’t really know what to expect at all.

I was sitting with my friends from last year in our section in the dining hall from last year (which maybe wasn’t the best idea in retrospect). There was definitely a sense of déjà vu. I kept looking over to the food, expecting people from our floor from last year to be walking over to sit near us. It’s not that I’m uncomfortable with residence hall life again because honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just don’t really remember quite how that real sense of community formed last time and how I opened myself up to people.

Maintaining my friendships is very important to me, but I do realize that this year will be very different. I won’t be able to go a few feet down the hall to talk someone or step out into the lobby and have an instant group to go eat with. I mean, I will, but with new people, which is what I like about residence hall life. I just want to make sure that just because I’m over here and they’re spread out everywhere else doesn’t mean I’ll stop seeing them or anything. We’ll just have to work at it. It is going to be different, and frankly, it’s time for me to accept that I’ll see very few people I knew before this weekend walking through the door to the dining hall.

On another note, I should start to put myself out there again with this new crop of residents because they seem like good people. It’d be nice to be able to walk out to the lobby and find an instant support system / conversation / eating group / bonding time.

Anyway, things are good otherwise. Nothing special, ready for classes to start so I’ll have more to do than just stew and think. Though I’m sure once they do start tomorrow, I’ll regret that statement.


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