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Residence Hall Life: Take Two

August 7, 2012

I return to the University of Kansas in 10 days. Exciting! I’ve decided when I return to KU, I will be starting a series here on my blog called Residence Hall Life: Take Two. Take two because this will be my second year living in the residence halls; no, there was no series on my blog called Residence Hall Life: Take One, for the record, though I now kind of wish I had done that because it would’ve been interesting to compare the perspectives. Of course, I’ll continue to write posts about other fascinating topics as well.

Anyway, at KU in particular, mostly freshmen live in the residence halls, so my living situation last year wasn’t a big deal. It’s not really that big of a deal this year either, but I’m hoping to produce for you a sarcastic commentary on life in the residence halls as a sophomore. We’ll see how it goes. Disclaimer: some things I write in this post and posts tagged Residence Hall Life hereafter may seem cynical, pessimistic even; just know that it is probably all sarcasm based off of probably true events, and I am happy at KU and in the residence halls. These won’t be posts full of complaints about the residence hall life; they’ll just be posts full of sarcastic commentary on various aspects of the life.

Before I move in and start these posts, I want to tackle a question that I am sure is burning inside all of you right now: why not just title the series Dorm Life: Take Two? It’s shorter, sweeter, and sounds classier! Right you are, folks, right you are. But, I don’t live in a dorm; I live in a residence hall. At least, that’s what the officials are calling it these days.

I took it upon myself to research the residence hall vs. dorm question and found an article from a few years ago that investigates the exact debate. According to the Washington Post, college officials dislike the term “dorm” because it sounds like life in a prison. After reading that, all I could think about was the bunk bed, white walls, white floor, and one window awaiting me in my room at KU, and I saw where the officials are coming from. But besides that image, I disagree, for pop culture phenomenon like Harry Potter have caused the word “dorm” to evoke a warmer image in my mind, like one of Gryffindor common room lit up by a fire on a cold winter night. But whatever, residence halls it is. Apparently, the term residence halls is preferred because the phrase covers all the goodness surrounding university housing. I don’t see the appeal, frankly, especially because it is way more difficult to type out residence halls and get that to agree grammatically in a sentence than it is to write dorm. But I’ll abide. For a more scientific-sounding approach to this great debate, here’s an article from Michigan State University that if I were arguing the topic in a courtroom, I would want to have in my possession.

So sure, most other people I know at KU won’t be joining me in the Res (pronounced: rez) Hall Life this year. Bygones. To tell the truth, I’m completely happy as I look to start my sophomore year at KU in 10 days, and I couldn’t be more content about my living situation. Here’s to a great year, filled with dining hall food, community laundry rooms, key swiping, RAs, and freshmen.


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