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Live blog: at the Rome airport

July 28, 2012


I am currently starting my seventh hour at the Rome airport… My flight to Atlanta leaves at 9:40 in the morning. It’s two in the morning, and what else is there to do but live blog? Niente. This one won’t be deep or anything like that; it’s going to be exactly as it sounds: a regularly updated chronology of a night at the Rome airport.

Okay, let’s go back a few hours to 4:30 this afternoon. That’s when I arrived at the airport in Florence for my 7:20 flight. Too early to even check my luggage. Oh well, when it finally was time to check in, Alitalia had only one person working the table for a solid 45 minutes. Lovely. When I reached the desk, I was informed that I could only check in for my first flight and would have to go to the ticket counter in Rome for the other two because there was some logistical error. Awesome.

7:20 – 7:50: flight to Rome. Super short and early. I could see the Duomo from the plane and definitely got choked up.

8: had to retrieve checked luggage and tried to talk to two different desks about my situation. It was awkward, and they told me I’d have to wait until morning. Eh, okay. I have WiFi, so this isn’t terrible.

9 – 10:30: me trying to figure out where to set up camp for the night. There are quite a few people doing what I’m doing, and I found an outlet! But I tried to go to the international terminal and sat on the airport shuttle bus to go there until the driver finally asked me where I was trying to go and told me the international terminal is closed. Whoops.

10:30: chilling in terminal three… Turn the corner and see Alitalia ticketing desk, which is where I was supposed to go to fix my ticket but not quite where I went.

10:45 – 11:15: at Alitalia ticket desk. The woman was helpful and tried her best, but I have to wait until the morning at 5 o’clock and go to the international terminal to get the Delta desk to fix this. Mamma mia.

11:15 – 12: trying to get Internet / breathe / find an unlocked restroom / get hydrated / eat wafers.

12 – 2: FaceTime the family and do miscellaneous Internet tasks. The airport isn’t really dead at this point.. I don’t know where these people keep coming from, but little spurts of travelers walk by regularly. There are some girls next to me watching a movie and some others chatting. Across from me, we have people looking miserable and others trying to sleep. Living the dream!

2 – 3: chatted with Anrenee about the Dole Institute, the Olympics, and duty-free shopping. The airport seems to be getting busier? Though it’s three in the morning so that’s exciting.

3:15: I want to take my contacts out, but I think I’m too exhausted to do so. Houston, we have a problem. Need some rejuvenation.

3:40: the contacts are out. Listened to some songs about America. Playing Minesweeper. After my chat with Delta after 5, I’ll hopefully watch videos online or something.

4:37: exhaustion is setting in, and I am getting ready to go talk to Delta… I sound great, might I add. Completely well-rested.

5:30: made it to Terminal 5 only to discover it doesn’t open until 6. Awesome, thank you Alitalia folks, but I’ll survive.

7: finally talking to Delta person, who tells me I need to go on the 8:45 flight to New York instead of the 9:40 flight to Atlanta. It was a logistical nightmare between the airlines and a story I will be sharing with Delta because it was ridiculous. But, I did all the things I needed to do, and solely because I arrived early, I was able to get to New York.

8: board flight to New York.

8:45: leave for New York.

12:20: in New York, went through passport control and whatnot, checked in for flight to Kansas City at 6:40.


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  1. Marnie permalink

    I felt your pain, having once had a 20-hour layover in London– before WiFi. But I have to admit that I was smiling through this entire post. I am so happy and proud of you for having gone on this adventure (as well as your many other accomplishments)! Would love to hear more about your time in Italy some day. I haven’t been back there since just after college (a long time ago!)


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