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Venturing in Venice

July 23, 2012

Florence is a center for art, culture and religion; it has something to offer for everyone. Rome is loaded with history; for a history nerd, it is a little like paradise. Cinque Terre is beautiful and relaxing and a gift to the world. But there is no where else in the world like Venice.

This weekend, I lived it up in Venice, a place that is like another world. It is a city built on water that runs on a system of canals. To get from the train station to the hotel, we took a water bus. Venice is one-of-a-kind, and it is amazing. In some places we walked, people were outside playing live music, as is true everywhere, and it gave me the image of Italy I had pictured before coming here.

I wouldn’t say we did anything super cultural or that tourist-y while in Venice. It was basically just a weekend away where we didn’t have to worry about cultural visits or homework or making sure we hit up every monument. We spent the weekend walking around and exploring what makes Venice so different, took tons of pictures, relaxed by the water and, of course, took a ride in a gondola.

Traveling to Venice, exploring the glass made there and riding in a gondola are all items to check off the bucket list, but I’d have to say the best part of this last full weekend in Italy was the company. I spent my entire Venetian adventure with Mili and Sheridan, and we met up with Sean and Kevin on Saturday. These people are fantastic to travel with because they make it a point to make sure everyone is happy with what we’re doing, they relax, they listen to me talk about the “Today” show and they are logical when it comes to logistics of things.

I already wrote about this in another post, but after this weekend, I feel it necessary to discuss again: I truly enjoy spending time with these people. I heard parts of their life stories in the past few days, and I learned further that they are genuinely good people who want their experiences here to mean something. And this blog post hereby signifies the fact that while I am sure other experiences here in Italy have meant something to them and for others, I can tell them for a fact that their presence in my life here in Italy has mattered and made a difference in how I will look back on my marvelous study abroad.


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  1. Allison you are the sweetest and I love you! Your posts always bring a smile to my face and I have thoroughly enjoyed your company on this trip and feel very blessed to have met you. You are the sweetest 🙂


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