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It’s a beautiful life

July 17, 2012

I have a bucket list of places I want to go during my lifetime, and last weekend, I was lucky enough to cross one of those places off the list. My Saturday excursion to Cinque Terre with four great people made for a relaxing and beautiful weekend.

Cinque Terre is one of the most amazing places I have ever been. The water is bluer than I could ever describe, and the view of the cliffs and colorful buildings against the sea made for a most picturesque time. We walked or took the train to each of the five towns. We sat and observed the tourism, Italian life and nature. Even though it is a tourist attraction, I didn’t feel stifled. I could breathe and watch the waves and focus solely on capturing the perfect picture. It was sublime.

I went to Cinque Terre on Saturday with Mili, Sheridan, Kevin and Sean (all KU students in my program), but I spent most of the day with Mili and Sheridan. We had an excellent day exploring the sites and hanging out. Sheridan and I sat together on the train rides and bonded over various things; we learned more about each other as the hills of Tuscany rolled past. Mili and I bonded this weekend too, in particular over the fact that we are both blogging about this study abroad experience. Her blog is fantastic; in her post about visiting the Uffizi, she wrote about how incredible it is to stand in front of masterpieces that the artists touched. While I love history, I have never been much for art, but reading Mili’s blog has given me a new appreciation for art and will provide me with a new perspective when I go to the museums. I think one of the reasons I enjoyed this Saturday with them so much is because they are open with how much they appreciate being here, doing what we are doing and having this experience, and they talk about how they feel lucky to be studying in Italy. I share that attitude very much and am so grateful for this, for them, for everyone and for all of it. Next weekend, we are going to Venice together, which I look forward to very much.

On Sunday, my roommates and I went to the Piazzale Michelangelo — the place in Florence where one can look out and see the whole city, rolling hills and everything. It was majestic to see this amazing place in which I have the opportunity to study and live for a month. We spent a good chunk of time there, just overlooking the greatness that is Florence.

All in all, I had a super delightful weekend and am happy to be continuing my journey here.


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  1. You are the sweetest person ever, and i love this and I love hanging out with you! So glad you’re coming to Venice!

  2. Lucy Powers permalink

    Love the blogs, ladies. I enjoy your unique writing styles. (Plus:I don’t have to wait for Sean to get around to writing about his adventures!)
    Sean’s mom


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