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Beginning of my Italian adventure

July 3, 2012

Ciao from Florence! It is now technically day two of my study abroad in Italy adventure (writing this at 7 p.m. on July 2). My flights all went well on the way here, but I didn’t have much time at the Rome airport and was paranoid about making my Florence flight on time. Thankfully, the woman in the seat next to me helped me find where I needed to be. So, woman from Houston in seat 33G on the flight from Atlanta to Rome on Saturday, mille grazie, and I made it to my flight to Florence in time because of your assistance.

Anyway… So my host family is a couple with a son who is staying with his grandparents in the country. He’s seven, and his name is Jacopo (pronounced ya-ko-po), which I would assume is the Italian version of Jacob. So, bro, when I get back, get ready for that nickname!

My roommates both seem great and have been showing me the city already. We take the bus to and from the center of the city because the 45 minute walk from home is difficult, but I still feel like I’m seeing Florence — without the heat and sun — from the bus. And then we walk everywhere else, which is perfetto. However, we quickly learned (not from personal experience) that a bus rider must have a validated ticket, for people really do come on the bus to check tickets and the fine is 50 euro or jail. Mamma mia!

We went to the Duomo and the Ponte Vecchio, as well as to our school. There’s a view from that bridge that I adore already, and walking on that bridge, I thought about the millions of people who have been on it in the centuries it has existed. It awes me, and I think that’ll be my reaction to most things on this journey. We spent this afternoon at home though because we needed a break after the traveling and initial shock of being in Italia. We’re not sure where we’re going this weekend yet, but we’re in the planning process.

Finally, we only had half a day of class so far, but I am enjoying it already! I don’t have as much experience as others in my class, as I haven’t been here for a month yet, so I didn’t always understand what la professoressa was saying. However, just listening to my professor speak this beautiful language as I stand in Italy — let alone Europe — was incredible.

And those are my initial thoughts on Italia. I have WiFi in my school, so that’s what I’ll be using to post these. I’ll post updates as often as possible!


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  1. anreneer permalink

    Takes lots of photos!!!


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