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One week until liftoff

June 23, 2012

As I sit here, my eyes are closed (I’m quite skilled with the keyboard, I know). I am envisioning myself in Florence, Italy. I see myself sitting at a table with my host family. I picture myself at the Duomo on the first day in Italy and in a classroom the next day. (Eyes open). Of course, I don’t really know what these places will be like until I arrive, but still. This is a trip I have dreamed about, literally, on many occasions in the past few weeks. And now, I have reached the final countdown to my study abroad in Italy: one week until liftoff!

I am very excited to spend July studying Italian language and culture in Florence — a land of history, beauty, food and definitely culture in the heart of Tuscany. I still have many things left to do before I fly out on June 30 (I won’t arrive until the next day), but I know all the tasks and planning will be worth it because this will truly be an incredible trip.

Next Saturday morning, I will leave the Kansas City airport around 10 a.m. and land in Atlanta. From there, I have an almost 10-hour flight to Rome at 3:50 p.m. that will bring me to Rome at around 7:30 in the morning local time. Two hours later, I will board a flight to Florence, take a taxi to my host family’s home, and the adventure will begin!

As I began my college experience, I saw myself studying abroad at some point, and when I decided to study Italian, I assumed I’d be going to Italy. However, at the start of freshman year, I had never consulted the idea of studying abroad the first summer of college. Yet, the opportunity presented itself, and in a week, I’ll be abroad for the first time in my life. From an academic standpoint, I am studying abroad this summer to complete my language requirement, which will free up six credit hours I can devote to a minor in Italian. On a personal level, I will get to see things that have covered pages of my textbooks for many years. I believe I am ready to become a world citizen and understand more about the world through life in Italy. (Well, almost ready. I still have to tend to those last-minute details and packing first. But I still have a week. And counting…)

I’ll learn, I’ll eat, I’ll travel, I’ll observe, I’ll bond, I’ll enjoy myself, and I will see (more of) the world!


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