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Vowing to stop to smell i fiori

May 23, 2012

In 38 days, I’ll be off to Florence, Italy in my first viaggio abroad. KU offers a study abroad program where students can go to Florence for a month or two to study Italian language and culture. It’s a sweet deal; I get to spend a month on a study abroad, go to amazing and historic places, and finish my language requirement.

Like I said, I’m leaving in 38 days. I’m excited, but currently, that excitement is clouded by the fact that I am entirely freaked out. I’m nervous about being in another country for the first time and living with a host family, and I’m also worried about fitting in everything I want to do, being cost-effective, not getting stranded anywhere, making the most of my experience, and just enjoying myself. I have a tendency to worry over the most minute details rather than fully enjoy myself in a particular situation.

So this evening, with this blog post, I am vowing to just go with the flow during my month in Italy. Every day does not need to be planned right now. Every trip does not need to be decided today. Every train ticket does not need to be purchased today. I will go to my classes, bond with peers and my host family, go to the cultural sights, see what I can, travel the peninsula, and take it all in. I’ll climb the steps of the Duomo and really see Tuscany. Not just view it, but truly see it and the thousands of years of history it represents.

So, this is me, resolving to prepare for Italy but not over-prepare and to be nervous for the trip but a thousand times more excited. It’ll be the adventure of a lifetime, and it all starts in just 38 days.


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