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Reflecting on my legendary freshman year

May 11, 2012

Well, we all knew it was coming, so here it is: a post about the end of freshman year. Enjoy.

Today, I hauled all of my belongings down six flights of stairs to my dad’s car and moved out of Ellsworth at KU. My parents keep saying I have three more years at KU, so I shouldn’t feel sad about freshman year ending — it’s exciting! But, I’m feeling nostalgic, for my freshman year was legendary.

All week, I have been pushing the thought of the end of freshman year out of my mind. I told myself I had to focus on my finals, and I couldn’t focus on the facts that A) Summer is here, B) I’m going to Italy, and C) Freshman year is over. But now, finals are done, and I am home, so it is time to reflect on the year (yet again).

I did so much more during my freshman year of college than I ever thought I would. I grew more and cultivated my goals and ambitions for my future. My opinions on things changed, and my priorities strengthened. People change when they go to college – people become themselves. I think I did that this year, but that wouldn’t have been possible without the individuals around whom I was surrounded.

And that is why I dedicate this blog post to the people on my floor in Ellsworth. E6, from the very beginning, bonded more than the average residence hall floor bonds. As a whole, we became close, and individually, I met people who altered my perspective of the world. I met people who support each other through tough classes, personal problems, and bad days. I met people who are willing to take on an impromptu Olympics or bowling marathon or movie night, just for the heck of it. I met people who are willing to listen to others, no matter the time or the work load. I met people who make me laugh. I met people who pick me up when I’m down. I met people who can understand my thoughts just based on my facial expression. I met people who accept others. I met people are willing to talk about anything. I met people who care. I met people who got me through the highs and lows of freshman year. I met people I could spend hours talking to and never get bored. I met people I could go anywhere or do anything with and turn the experience into a great time and an amazing memory. I met people who I hope will be in my life for years to come. I met people who truly impacted my life for the better, and for that, I will always be grateful.

So, E6, Ellsworth, and freshman year, thank you for changing my life. It was the best freshman year for which I could have asked, even though it flew by in what seemed like an instant. As I finish this blog post, I think it’s finally starting to sink in (they do say writing is therapeutic, after all). I’ll miss the great things about this year, but I know this summer and the next few years will be absolutely incredible.


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