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How I spent this Wednesday afternoon

January 4, 2012

I just spent approximately two and a half hours watching videos from the “TODAY” show archives. I’m an avid “TODAY” viewer; in fact, for Chanukah, I received “From Yesterday to Today,” which is a book documenting the 60 years the show has been on television. The show’s web site has many videos from each decade of “TODAY,” so I took the time this afternoon to watch the compilation videos of the historic events mentioned on “TODAY” in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

When “TODAY” began in 1952, few people knew or believed it would still be around 60 years later. Few people knew what an impact this program could have on the world. It was the first show to bring people the news in the mornings, and that was a big step. Now, when people headed off to work or school or to start their days, they would be informed. Water coolers were suddenly buzzing.

Newspapers already accomplished this, you say? This is true. I was on the newspaper staff all four years of high school, so I will always appreciate the power of print. I love words and writing with all my heart; it’s why I usually write something on a daily basis. However, I have been becoming more intrigued by the power of broadcast. I won’t get into the battle between the two, so I will just say this: “TODAY” proved the power of the broadcasting medium. Every morning, the citizens of the United States could suddenly witness events around the world – the events that would eventually fill history textbooks. This program changed the world, and that is why I hope to some day be a part of it. But that’s another blog.

This afternoon, I witnessed the events of our history through the “TODAY” archives. The videos of early broadcasts gave me chills. I watched the anchors report the stories that changed the course of history. I saw their reactions to the deaths of icons and to the chaos evoked by various events. I witnessed the world alter before my eyes. By viewing the six decades of this program, an individual can see completely how much “TODAY” reflected and continues to reflect the change in the world. It’s been on television for 60 years and has made an extraordinary effect on America. It will continue to do so for years to come.


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