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Starting off the year with some resolutions

January 3, 2012

It’s January 3, 2012, and what better way to start off a fresh year of blogging than with a post about my New Year’s resolutions? Don’t answer that. Now, I don’t usually make resolutions, or if I do, it’s the typical ones… like be nicer, don’t curse, eat less junk food, etc. But this year, I was feeling profound and inspired, so I decided to actually carefully write down – and now document – my resolutions for 2012. Here they are:

1) Be more grateful and optimistic. Grateful for things and people in my life, as well as for every single day of my life. Optimistic about all the little moments and big events. I take life for granted sometimes, and I don’t want to do that anymore. Sometimes, I feel like I’m really passive in that I don’t enjoy each moment as it comes. I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to truly experience and love every moment. I know you have to take the bad with the good, and I’m willing to do that if it means having a fantastic existence on this lovely planet.

2) Read more and keep writing. Back in the day, I read all the time. Over the years, school and life took over, and I didn’t take as much time to sit down with a good book and just relax. I spent the last few weeks of 2011 reading a few new books, and it reminded me how much I love to read. So, my plan is to read more in 2012 – read more from a variety of genres and authors. Also, I want to continue to write, which I plan to do via my two blogs.

3) Continue watching television and keeping up with the news, politics, and the world. I watch a lot of television, which is why I started my review web site, the Five Corner Review (at I want to keep doing that because I love it, and if I keep up with my web site, which I plan to do, that’s even more writing experience. Keeping up with the news, politics, and the world is a given because I’m majoring in journalism and history, but I feel the need to make it a resolution because sometimes I neglect to watch the news or read the paper in favor of schoolwork and other activities. The latter two are very important, yes, but they shouldn’t replace following the events of our world.

4) Take more risks and don’t wait for opportunity to knock on my door. Go knock on opportunity’s door. I very much want to get everything out of life that I can get, but in order to do that, I need to stop hesitating and stop waiting and start taking risks and finding my own opportunities. I want to study abroad, gain journalistic experience, and have internships in the future (and near-future). I need to make those things happen for myself instead of waiting for them to come to me, for good things do not necessarily come to those who wait. Instead, we have to go after what we want with everything we have. That’s what I plan to do in 2012 and beyond.


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