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Lessons from the wide world of television

January 3, 2012

By age 75, the average individual will spend 12 years of his/her life watching television, according to my Journalism 101 textbook. I watch loads of television, so there’s no question my amount of time watching TV will reach the age of a seventh grader by the time I’m a senior citizen. But, you know, that’s okay, for in my research, I have found that television can actually teach us valuable themes. For validation, let’s take a look at my four all-time favorite television shows: Gilmore GirlsHow I Met Your Mother, the TODAY show, and Boy Meets World.

Gilmore Girls, beyond highlighting the incredible relationships between family members and showcasing high school and college newsrooms, taught me that a young girl from a small town in Connecticut has the ability to attend Yale University and cover a senator’s campaign for presidency. Ambition, in its purest form, is what I found in Gilmore Girls – I do have the ability to achieve goals.

How I Met Your Mother, in addition to being a love story in reverse, continuously informs me that things will not always be easy, but they will always be worth it in the end. All of the seemingly meaningless events of my history lead up to each individual moment and will eventually culminate in what my destiny will be.

The TODAY show, every single day, teaches me about the world. I have gained so much knowledge from this news program, and that knowledge has given me a passion for the world that will never falter.

Boy Meets World, besides providing me with entertainment year after year, proves how one teacher can have an extraordinary impact on his students. A good teacher doesn’t just stick to the classroom material; a good teacher enlightens students with lessons about life and acts as a guide.

Beyond all of that, one common thread binds these four shows together: that nothing out there is more important than the people who are there for you every single day. Those four lessons hold importance, but when it comes down to it, knowledge, lessons, ambition, and life have meaning because of the people who surround us. I haven’t been to many places, and I don’t know that much about life. However, I do know that there are people I can count on to be there for me. I care about people; I will always be there for them and have their backs no matter what. Family, close friends, good friends – I am so thankful for these people. I have a bucket list of things I want to do and places I want to go during my lifetime, but none of that means much without the people in my life.

By age 75, I will know so many things; my time learning about the world is just beginning, and as long as I appreciate those who matter in my life, I know I will be okay.


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