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Keeping my eyes on Iowa

January 3, 2012

Right now, I am in the midst of watching nonstop Iowa caucus coverage. It’s the beginning of the 2012 political season: today, we will find out… Well, wait, will we really find out anything?

I am a political junkie, mostly when these cutthroat, don’t-know-what-will-happen-next elections occur. For over six months, I have observed the field of Republican presidential hopefuls. I’ve seen each of them get their 15 minutes of fame. I’ve changed my opinion on politicians based on statements, composure, and articles. I’ve watched hours of news coverage in which various talking heads and journalists have told me who has what percentage of the citizens of Iowa in their corner and who they believe has this caucus in the bag. They’ve pretty much said it’s Mitt Romney’s nomination to lose. Meaning, he’ll win unless something surprising or dramatic happens.

So even though my preferred Republican presidential hopeful has been written off by the media, I still find myself in front of the television, flipping channels to find the perfect news station to settle on for the ultimate Decision 2012 coverage. Why? Because it’s the political junkie’s version of the Super Bowl! There are so many questions and things that could throw this entire event into a tailspin.

What will the 41% of undecided voters do? Will they side with who is said to be the frontrunner? Will they vote for the latest politician to surge in the polls? Will they vote for the candidate who has the coolest name? Will they choose the candidate who looks the most presidential? Will the vote for the individual who took the most time to listen to them when he or she visited the county? Will they read up on every politician’s viewpoints and vote based on the most compatible? It’s just too exciting!

Will religion play a factor? It looks like it.

Will the candidates the media has written off stay in the race beyond Iowa?

Will non-Republicans register Republican today just to sabotage the results? It’s twisted, but any Iowan can register Republican today, so technically, the non-Republicans can alter the results, which will send the Republicans and the media into a chaotic, yet exciting, circus.

I’m pumped up about tonight, and I don’t even live in Iowa. I kind of wish I did though, just so I could be there to witness this little slice of American history.


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